Poem : Say no to Rape – Evelife



Say no to Rape

When I say No
I mean my No
Never push me back
I mean my leave me
I don’t want it
I am sure of what I said
Never force me to off
Those coverings
They are my onlg body protection
Never try to pin me down
My cry means a lot
My shout says No
Never force me to do that
It’s never my wish
My dress is nothing
You are to control yourself
Only dogs rape
Cuz forcefully they want to be satisfied
Your few minutes enjoyment
Is my forever pain
If it’s less than Yes
Then it’s a No
My virginity is my pride
My private part is mine
I choose who I want to give it to
Don’t cover my mouth not to shout
My “No” is “No”
I mean my “No”
Real men don’t rape
Sex is as cheap as sand
Visit the prostitute
We are tired


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